Monday, July 29, 2013

Know Before You Go

Things You Should Know Before Selling Your Gold

  • Do Business Locally

               Beware of ‘one day’ temporary and hotel/Mall buying events. Some sellers will leave the next day and you won’t have anyone to complain or go back to, if you find out you were cheated out of your valuable Metals. AVOID mail-in services; you have little control over the sale. And sometimes you will never see your items OR a check again. The best sellers are licensed, monitored, registered and bonded with the state of Georgia. It’s especially important to find a seller who is trusted in your area.

  • Know Current Gold Prices

               Always check the fair market value before selling your items.  Remember that the market is constantly changing.  So, if you like where the market is today; then today may be the day to sell your gold.  Don't wait until tomorrow, because you may have lose out on the extra cash!

  • Don't Believe Quotes Over The Phone

               Many buyers will offer a much higher price over the phone to get their customers into the door. Then they change the price and explain it with a variety of reasons. We do not give prices over the phone. 

  • Shop Around

               Make sure to go to a few sellers around your area before making your final decision. Many buyers will persuade you into selling your gold on the spot, and won’t be so friendly when they find out that you are not going to sell it right then. Gold Central never pressures our customers into selling anything they are not comfortable selling. However, when shopping around, try doing so within 24-48 hours because of commodity market inflation. The price of gold changes daily so shopping around for a few days can change all your quoted prices.

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