Monday, June 24, 2013


       Yep!  That's right, I said it!  Our customers run our business!  May sound strange to some, but that is just the way it is. History has shown that a negative experience with a business is far more talked about than a positive experience.  If a customer has a good experience at a restaurant, retail store, or any other business; they rave to 1-2 people.  However should a bad experience take place, they rant to 5-6 people.  Gold Central is determined to make negative experiences,  just that; HISTORY...a thing of the past!  We want our customers to talk about us.  We want you to tell your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, or whoever you chose. In fact, we will pay you cash to talk about us. Go ahead, talk.  We are prepared!!
       How are we going to do that?  It's simple.  We know the value of our customers and the need to keep them.  So, we are going to let our customers run our business!  Here is our promise to you...

    • Greet you in a friendly manner and always with a smile 
    • Keep customer wait times to a minimum and advise you of any delay
    • Evaluate, test, and weigh your items directly in front of you
    • Answer your questions with sincerity and certainty
    • Provide feedback and respond immediately
    • Will not sell your personal information for marketing purposes
    • Offer the highest price for your items
    • Explain the process to you in an easy-to understand way
    • Absolutely no pressure to sell your items

Tuesday, June 4, 2013



    A large number of our customers come from ‘word of mouth’ which has always been one of the best forms of advertising a company can do. At Gold Central, we’d like to encourage you to refer us to your friends, relatives and associates who may be on the lookout for a safe, reliable and high-paying gold buyer themselves.

Money for Gold Referrals

     We offer cash payments for each and every person you refer that sells their gold to us.  Remember, the more people you refer, the greater your potential to earn Money for Gold referral fees.